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We're proud of our partnership with Lydia's House

Our team at The Menkiti Group has been partnering with Lydia's House since the Fall of 2017 and are honored to have been a strong support to our local community. Here are a few of the ways we've helped transform lives through Lydia's House:

1. Empowered 1500+ potential first time home buyers

2. Facilitated 38 First Time Home Buyer classes

3. Assisted 22+ families in purchasing a home

4. Participated in LH’s annual Back to School Drive (donated 50 Backpacks)

5. Participated in LH’s annual turkey drive by volunteering to fill grocery bags with fresh produce, non-perishable foods and turkeys and donating funds to the cause

6. Our agent, Marie Claire Ntam, personally donated 10% of her commission on behalf of every homebuyer who went through Lydia's House and worked with her to purchase their home

We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting our local communities!


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